Monthly Archives: July 2014

Get on the Right IT Projects – Here’s How

Did you ever feel like you were pushing a boulder up a hill? Maybe it's not you, but rather your project or gig. Here's a look at some different types of IT projects and the factors that improve their likelihood of success - and yours! Continue reading

Survey: Good and Bad IT Projects

According to the Harvey Nash CIO Survey 2014, good project performance is listed as one of the more important determinants of CIO success. The survey then provides some further detail on which factors related to project performance were most important, and especially which types of projects tend to be more successful. Continue reading

Does your job look like this?

It seems to be a consensus: traditional employment is over, at least for a large segment of the economy. So if not traditional employment, then what? What can professionals do in the face of new realities? Continue reading

How Many PDUs Do You Really Need?

Many people ask me if I can recommend some specific training so that they can begin earning their 60 PDUs. Before answering that question, it is helpful to change the question a bit so that the answer becomes a lot easier. Continue reading

Are PMOs the only way to go?

PMOs are a great place to work, as they help you to gain valuable experience on a variety of projects and learn best practices. But are they really the most effective means to an end? Continue reading

The One KPI for PMOs

PMOs apparently are notorious for failing - at rates of approximately 50% based upon my informal surveys of many writings across the industry. There is one metric, however, that can truly flag impending failure before it happens - and reverse impending failure if the PMO truly has something to offer. Continue reading