Monthly Archives: August 2014

Is there business analysis without software development?

This is more of an inquiry, and I don't fully know the answer. But I wonder what business analysis is without software development. This post looks at the elements of business analysis and provides and evaluation of whether this applies strictly, or primarily, to software development. Continue reading

Green PM – Good for the Bottom Line!

Green Project Management is not only in vogue, with a Green Project Management certification. Keeping the environment in mind as part of your best practices makes economic sense in so many ways that green PM can help the bottom line as much as the environment - a real win-win. Continue reading

When is a certification of value?

There is an ongoing debate about which certifications are of value, and even is some are of no value at all. There is no single right or wrong answer here, and it pays to take the big picture view of this controversial topic. This post looks at some definite considerations and situations where you should or should not pursue a certification. Continue reading

Cultural Barrier Between Agile and Traditional Business Analysis

You may have already encountered considerable cultural barriers in the practice of business analysis. It has changed as traditional software development environments are giving way to agile software development environments. These changes have a profound impact on the way you or a team member might need to adapt to new, more agile ways of doing business. Continue reading

Does Agile Make Business Analysts Extinct?

There is a clear link between business analysis and agile project management, and some think that business analysts as we know them could be facing extinction in the face of agile project management practices. Understanding this link can help you take advantage of this trend rather than fall victim to it! Continue reading