Monthly Archives: September 2014

Do You Need A Certification?

Determining if and when you need another certification is a personal question. Your answer will not be the same as another person's answer. This post shows you some important things to consider for this tough and sometimes nagging question. Continue reading

Nine Ways to Lead Your Team on Late Change Requests

This post emphasizes the soft skills needed to handle change requests. First, it highlights the inevitability of change requests on any projects, but second provides some great, hands-on steps you can take to manage the team through an overdose of change requests - usually late in the project. Continue reading

The Intersection of ITIL and Project Management

Within the realm of the IT department, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library provides a set of processes for managing services within the organization. ITIL Foundation training, which prepares you for the entry level ITIL certification, typically qualifies also for PMP PDUs, so there clearly is a close relationship with project management. So where does project management fit into this set of robust and widely used processes called ITIL? Continue reading

5 Steps to the Perfect Project Meeting

Don’t you wish there was formula for the perfect project meeting? A set of steps or processes or actions to follow to pull off the meeting to end all meetings? Well, there isn’t. Sorry. Meetings, in general, aren’t fun and most attendees would rather be doing almost anything else than sitting in your project meeting. But, there is hope. Meetings are necessary. Your attendees even need the info that you pass along to them in these meetings that they would probably rather not be attending. So, with that somewhat necessary attendance in mind, let’s discuss what I consider to be my personal 5 steps to great – if not perfect – project meetings. Continue reading

Timeboxing and the Triple Constraint

Thinking of timeboxing in terms of the triple constraint is empowering for fact-based conversations that need to be had with the stakeholders. It's part of the great value-added you offer as a project manager. Continue reading

PMP Exam Myth Buster

This article by Cornelius Fichtner provides 6 myths regarding the PMP Exam and explanation why they are busted. We need to appease people planning to take the exam so that they need not worry any longer and focus on the most important thing, which is preparing for the exam and having the 3-letter word after their name. Continue reading