Monthly Archives: October 2014

Getting Your Project Noticed

As PMs we are often a step or two outside of the limelight. And that’s ok because we usually didn’t get into this profession to be the center of attention…even though we must be the “take charge” person no matter what. Continue reading

Use a Simple Service Request Process for Small Projects

This post presents a process for managing small projects within an organization...and brings up issues about having a small project in a large organization, the resemblance of a service request and a change request, and the idea that a change request can be like a small project. Continue reading

Write a Solid Business Case for Your Project

Every project should have a business case – something to justify it based on sound business reasoning. In some cases it can be very simple, and in other cases more complex. Most important, it should be logical, clear to understand, and make sound business sense. Continue reading

The Beauty of PM Experience

Experience - the right kind - is beautiful! That goes whether it's PM experience, or any other kind!It shows that your knowledge is seasoned and real, and that you bring a dose of wisdom to the table. But how can you distinguish between the "beauty of experience" and impostors? Continue reading

Risk Strategies and the Project Manager

Risk is that ugly four-letter word that we as project managers need to pay attention to but often look upon it like taking out the trash at home. Planning for the management of it should happen, it needs to happen…but let’s do it later. Right now let’s get started on the real work. Right? Continue reading