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Is Agile Just Another Trend?

Management trends come...and they go. For example, there was the quality movement, re-engineering the corporation, and management by objective (MBO). Will Agile go the way of these once popular techniques? Continue reading

Use These Six Steps to Resolve Project Conflict

Conflict in project management is inevitable. The potential for conflict in projects is usually high because it involves individuals from different backgrounds and orientations working together to complete a complex task. The cause of conflict in team projects can be related to differences in values, attitudes, needs, expectations, perceptions, resources, and personalities. Continue reading

Validate Product Quality with a Deliverable Review

This is an online course to show how to perform effective walkthroughs and reviews of project deliverables. You will learn the terminology, the unique issues, and the process for performing deliverable reviews from the individual, peer and team perspectives. Continue reading

Use These Five Tips to Manage Your “To Do” List

Do you often feel confused by the amount of work you have to do, or do you end up missing deadlines? Or do you sometimes just forget to do something essential, so that people have to chase you to get work done? To-Do Lists are necessary if you're going to beat work overload. Maintaining a properly organized and thought-out list sounds simple enough. But it can be surprising how many people fail to use them at all, never mind use them effectively. Here's some basics and tips how to manage your to-do list that actually helps you get things done.
Continue reading