All Aboard Florida – Great Case Study for a Huge, Exciting Project

Let your project imagination grow with a little insight into the All Aboard Florida project, which recently received a full go-ahead for offering private passenger rail service between Orlando and Miami.

This project has so many interesting elements...and is really a program, by strict definitions! But that does not matter this looks like a real success story, especially for such a major project. The program itself has been fully initiated and the stage is set for a plethora of major sub-projects and sub-programs, including building stations, implementing marketing plans, modifying rail lines, putting environmental and safety initiatives in place, hiring and training operational employees, and much more!

Just getting a project like this up and running is a feat. The regulatory hurdles apparently were huge, and two major aspects of this project surely will continue: regulatory compliance and community relationships. This is a "public" project by a private company, so relationships with stakeholders in each town or city and all along the rail route are critical.

To learn more about how All Aboard Florida is handling these regulatory and community relations challenges see the All Aboard Florida site. You'll also learn about how the project is financed, the core skills and individuals in the senior management team, and the value proposition or business case.