Are You Project Management Office (PMO) Savvy?

It pays to be Project Management Office (PMO) savvy! Many organizations have a PMO, and others should - but many also have ineffective, or even detrimental - PMOs.

For organizations that have a PMO, it can be one of several flavors, but always needs to produce and show value.  And it needs to align closely with the organization's strategy.

And regardless of the flavor, participating in one...setting one up...and gaining skills related to PMOs...can be a broadening and deepening opportunity to you!

Implementing a PMO can be jarring in many ways - to the people within the PMO, but also to those in operating units as well as in upper management.  PMOs often sit at the center of change in the business, or if the organization delivers projects as a core activity, the PMO drives critical success factors for the business.

A PMO can be tremendously complex!

A PMO can provide tremendous organizational value when projects are linked to organizational strategy, or when the PMO provides a Center of Excellence in project management.  A PMO will grapple with investment decisions and resource allocation through project portfolio strategy and execution. And the PMO will typically play a key role in monitoring and controlling projects and resources to drive success.

There are potential pitfalls, challenges, excitement, and opportunity, drawing on a wide base of skills and competencies to do the heavy lifting of the PMO! And participating int he PMO can provide a great career growth experience and great exposure.