Here’s How You Can “Break Through” To A Higher Level

Would you like to elevate your ability to see the big picture (with our Strategic Planning Curriculum) - to see clearly right through the "noise" in your organization? Yes, you can "break through" and have an "Aha!" moment that changes everything for you...

You may have earned more than one certification - could be PMP, or ITIL, BA certification, Six Sigma, or something else. If so, congratulations!  It's not easy, and it does mean something.

Having multiple certifications is a great skill (and credential!) builder. Another important thing is to adopt an "executive perspective"!  There is no certification for this - but developing this viewpoint can really elevate and deepen your insights and vision, and give you the ability to rapidly see the big picture in just about any situation.

Think of something where suddenly you felt you could see clearly...through the smoke and mirrors that you just could not see past before...where you experienced an "Aha!" moment.

We all have these "Aha" moments...and they are great, breakthrough growth experiences! And we do have to earn them...through our efforts to break out...

Here's one of mine:

I had just come off a group of projects where I was leading of team of around 12 software developers. The clients were VERY demanding, and the requirements and schedule were quite challenging to meet. What was worse, however, was that the requirements and schedule seemed to get a little tougher on a regular basis - requirements and schedule creep (but I did not recognize that at the time!). My approach was to work harder, faster, smarter with every request that the customer made - and to drive my team harder! It was the Superman approach, and while we had a great team, we all got weary! Note that I was not yet a PMP.

My "Aha!" moment happened when I was studying for the PMP exam and first learned about the triple constraint - about the natural, immutable, undeniable tradeoff between cost, quality, and time. The triple constraint is so embarrassingly simple...and yet I found it to be so liberating. With the triple constraint, I had that "Aha!" moment where I saw how, by arming myself with some simple, fact-based choices about the demands, I could present them to the stakeholders for a decision! I no longer needed to say "Yes" or "No" to requests, but rather could now coolly and calmly present the constraints and say, "It's your choice."

Here's an idea for you...

Many - maybe most - project managers are very "operational", or "tactical", in orientation. Maybe you are right now. I was at one time. But I personally remember when I was earning my MBA and studying strategy - how that opened a whole new way of thinking for me. It gave me a completely different perspective of decision-making - one that's in tune with the challenges at the highest levels in organizations. You, too, can experience a big "Aha" by becoming a more strategic thinker.

Where have you suddenly experienced that "Aha!" moment, and saw the forest for the trees... Where could such an "Aha" moment really help you the most in your career?

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