Thinking Strategically for Project Managers

So let's get to the basics of what it takes to think strategically. I will focus for how on the teachings of the strategy guru himself, Michael Porter, who wrote "Competitive Strategy" and came up with Porter's "five forces of strategy" which will help you to think more strategically. Continue reading

The Value of Strategic Thinking for PMs

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is placing greater emphasis on strategy as a component of the PM skill set. As a foundation, this post lays out some why strategy is important, and why it is an opportunity for PM's. Continue reading

The Multiple Certification Strategy

Competition is tight in the job market. This is especially true in the market for project managers, where so many people have the PMP certification that it is not so much of a differentiator - unless you DON'T have it! Continue reading

What’s Your Next Step?

We obsess about all of the details of our projects...and yet there is a fluidity to projects that we cannot ignore. Indeed life itself - since it has a distinct beginning, and a distinct end - is a project! Maybe there's more to projects than the PMBOK Guide! Continue reading

How to Become a Better Learner

In the knowledge economy, it pays to become a strong learner. It takes practice - which you will get if you are trying to learn all the time! It can enable you to earn certifications, master complex new topics, and improve your general skill set. Continue reading