What are your skill gaps?

As you progress in your career, there are certain things that propel your career forward...and certain things that can hold it back! This post is about what holds you back - and what you can do about it - as it is a universal truth that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Continue reading

The Opportunity Certification Provides

On Tuesday, January 13, an opinion by Michelle R. Weise was published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Entitled "Obama's Dead-End Community College Plan", it talks about directly applicable, realistic career advancement strategies that go far beyond any political or government funding debate - and they are readily accessible today.
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Do You Need A Certification?

Determining if and when you need another certification is a personal question. Your answer will not be the same as another person's answer. This post shows you some important things to consider for this tough and sometimes nagging question. Continue reading

When is a certification of value?

There is an ongoing debate about which certifications are of value, and even is some are of no value at all. There is no single right or wrong answer here, and it pays to take the big picture view of this controversial topic. This post looks at some definite considerations and situations where you should or should not pursue a certification. Continue reading

Get on the Right IT Projects – Here’s How

Did you ever feel like you were pushing a boulder up a hill? Maybe it's not you, but rather your project or gig. Here's a look at some different types of IT projects and the factors that improve their likelihood of success - and yours! Continue reading

Does your job look like this?

It seems to be a consensus: traditional employment is over, at least for a large segment of the economy. So if not traditional employment, then what? What can professionals do in the face of new realities? Continue reading

How Many PDUs Do You Really Need?

Many people ask me if I can recommend some specific training so that they can begin earning their 60 PDUs. Before answering that question, it is helpful to change the question a bit so that the answer becomes a lot easier. Continue reading