Is there business analysis without software development?

This is more of an inquiry, and I don't fully know the answer. But I wonder what business analysis is without software development. This post looks at the elements of business analysis and provides and evaluation of whether this applies strictly, or primarily, to software development. Continue reading

When is a certification of value?

There is an ongoing debate about which certifications are of value, and even is some are of no value at all. There is no single right or wrong answer here, and it pays to take the big picture view of this controversial topic. This post looks at some definite considerations and situations where you should or should not pursue a certification. Continue reading

How Many PDUs Do You Really Need?

Many people ask me if I can recommend some specific training so that they can begin earning their 60 PDUs. Before answering that question, it is helpful to change the question a bit so that the answer becomes a lot easier. Continue reading

The Business Analysis Hybrid

Business Analysis naturally cuts across three core sill areas closely related to project management: fundamentals of business analysis and its role on projects, business communication, and agile fundamentals. Continue reading

Are You a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Hopeful?

Can you picture yourself earning the Six Sigma Green Belt certification? Or are you uncertain about what it takes, the process, and exactly what you need to do to make it happen? Or do you lack a good picture of what it might mean to you and your career to have to SSGB certification? Continue reading