PM Strategy

Collaboration Basics for Project Managers

Collaboration is a hot topic these days, yet it's always been there. The more intensified interest seems to be driven by the variety of teams and organization structures, as well as technology disruption, that have evolved in more recent times. Continue reading

Benefits Realization: Useful Tool or a Passing Fad?

We've seen "Total Quality Management" (aka "TQM"), "Re-engineering the Corporation", and many more passing management fads. Most of them were for a time a part of management lexicon, but have long since disappeared from our regular vocabulary. Could "Benefits Realization" also be a passing fad in the project management space? Continue reading

Thinking Strategically for Project Managers

So let's get to the basics of what it takes to think strategically. I will focus for how on the teachings of the strategy guru himself, Michael Porter, who wrote "Competitive Strategy" and came up with Porter's "five forces of strategy" which will help you to think more strategically. Continue reading