Five Tips for Managing Project Teams

In managing a project team, a project manager needs to possess excellent analytical and organizational skills. The right mix of planning, monitoring, and controlling can make the difference in completing a project on time, on budget, and with high quality results. These guidelines will help you plan the work and work the plan. Continue reading

Eight Ways to Provide Leadership on Late Change Requests

Change management is the practice of tracking and administering changes during the development of a product or service and is a key part of project management. It can either be the result of external changes in the business or they can be internal changes requested because the original aims of the project were not clearly defined or understood. Continue reading

Use These Five Ideas to Deliver Projects Faster

Efficient delivery of projects is a key objective for all development teams. Careful planning and consideration is undertaken to ensure successful delivery of the business objective both on time and within budget. Below are some ideas that might be helpful to you. Continue reading

Seven Tips to Attack a Team Morale Problem

There are many different factors that can affect team morale. When morale suffers, it's important that you take steps to rebuild it quickly. But what can you do, as a leader, to rebuild the morale of your team? And what exactly is morale? Continue reading

Use a Shared Directory to Share Project Information

Information and data sharing in a project management environment is certainly a challenge today. Project managers and team members can get creative in how they go about this. It may be the choice over one type of project management software over the other, or it may be the choice of a specific document-sharing site. Continue reading

Three Steps to Create a Project Closure Report

Project Closure report helps you take the steps needed to formally wind-up your project. It is critical that you complete the Project Closure phase properly, as the manner within which these closure steps are taken will determine the final success of your project. Continue reading

Implement One of the Five PMO Types in Your Organization

A Project Management Office is an integrated, co-ordinating body within an organisation (or project) that provides an important point for the field of project management. It provides common planning and reporting processes and brings structure and support to estimating, justifying, outlining, organizing, tracking and performing projects. It also encourages the resolution of conflicts caused by limited assets and other limitations. Continue reading

“Fess Up” and Address Problems that You Cause

All of us commit mistake at times. Reasons for it vary from each person and situation but you shouldn't feel bad if you notice that it happens to you. A couple of common mistakes can lead to miscommunication and you can learn to be more conscious of what you're doing and saying. Continue reading