Agile 101 – Using Agile on Large Teams

The bigger the company, the bigger the challenges are for scaling Agile. However, it's not impossible. Agile principles can be applied to large, even very large, groups of people, allowing them to be more connected to their work and its impact, despite being part of a huge system. Continue reading

Five Ways to Accelerate Your Project Schedule

Accelerating project results is not complex; however, it is not typically easy to implement. After all, if accelerating project results was easy, everyone would already be focused on it. The reason it is not complex, yet isn't easy, is that there are no short cuts; instead persistence and focus will pay dividends. When these ways to success are put in place, it is possible to accelerate project results. In today's economy, those who can outpace their competition with solid results will be those who "win the race". Continue reading

Two Important Tips for Gathering Metrics

Before you dive into reports and spreadsheets, you need to define exactly what data you want to collect and analyze. Be careful not to fall into the trap of gathering an overwhelming number of metrics. You need to make sure that every metric you monitor provides actionable insight. Continue reading

Five Ways to Turn Around a Dysfunctional Team

There are many areas to look at as a part of repairing damage to the project team. Communication, timely performance, feedback, and clear expectations will be a part of every turnaround plan. Go out of your way to start building some successes, even interim ones. These general ideas, along with others that you will identify, will give you a fighting chance to turn things around. Continue reading

Five Obvious, But Sometimes Ignored, Tips for PMs

For a project to be successful, it's not enough simply to manage your project competently, and deliver a good quality product. To avoid failure, make sure you have identified the right tips to follow, managed a high-quality implementation, and monitored your changing environment. Continue reading

Portfolio Management Demystified

Portfolio Management is a process that is clearly characterized by business leadership alignment. Priorities are set through an appropriate value optimization process for the organization. Continue reading

Scale Down to Manage Small Projects

When the projects are large, they need to be managed with formal project management discipline. But many projects are not large—they are smaller work efforts that need to be organized and managed efficiently. This post will teach you techniques and skills for organizing and managing small projects. Continue reading

Chill! Here are Five Ways to Reduce Project Stress

Recognizing stress is the first step in lessening its impact. A certain amount of stress is almost inevitable when people are working towards deadlines with finite resources available. Since some stress is inevitable, these are some ways you could promote a positive work environment. Continue reading