Self-driving cars: Disruptive Technology!

The [tag-tec]self-driving car[/tag-tec] has come into focus for many if not most of us, yet, it is largely a vague idea in the future, far from mainstream. If you are wondering what that world might look like, here are some thoughts.

The initial questions that come into my mind are:

  1. What are the safety risks?
  2. What impact will this have on traffic?
  3. How much will they cost?
  4. How will self-driven vehicles co-mingle with personally driven vehicles?
  5. What are the implications for traffic and parking?

There are a whole host of questions that you may have about this emerging topic. [tag-dir]Klaus Philipsen[/tag-dir] brings some thought-provoking insights to the table on this topic in his May 16, 2014 post entitled "The Next Big Thing in Transportation Will Change Everything." See

What makes Klaus interesting is that he is not only an architect and urban designer, but he also has a German heritage, having grown up in the town where Daimler-Benz was founded and where the modern car combustion engine was invented.