Failure Is Success

The importance of failure to eventual success is not a new topic. But there are a lot of nuances, and the best way to begin to understand them is to study others who have succeeded...usually after a lot of failure.

There is a great series on this topic - I just found it on LinkedIn. Jeff Stibel has put it together, and the first one I read was on Jack Ma, the now legendary founder of the Chinese company Alibaba.


The failures that Jack Ma experienced, as outlined by Jeff, don't hit me as overwhelming. They hit me more as bumps in the road...or unexpected detours. In the end, things happened the way they did...and Jack took the opportunities he got and most importantly did not allow anything to discourage him.

I think that's the biggest lesson of failure - don't let discouragement overcome you! To do that, I think that, as Jack Ma did, you need to have a vision. And you need to be willing to test out that vision - and modify it as necessary, based on what you learn. You have to be willing to acknowledge your own misconceptions and bring them in line with reality. Most important, we need to take action - and that's what takes the most courage of all.


Perhaps the key is to, as they say, "fail fast". But it's equally important to learn fast...and don't repeat failures. And be willing to accept failure and move on from it...with the ultimate goal to achieve success.

With all the information and ideas flowing around - around us and in our heads - how do we choose on which ideas to take action, and which not?

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