Global Project Manager Survey: Observations

I just took a "Global Project Manager" survey. It is 25 questions and did not take long and was interesting in a number of ways. Here are my observations.

  1. Some time on where you are and have been
    I am guessing this is more for developing some understanding of the demographics, at least for those who are taking the survey.
  2. Lots of time on childhood tendencies
    There were a number of questions pertaining to how it was growing up. Questions included how family life was, what subjects you liked in school, the type of sports you liked...things that seemed to point to some sort of psychological makeup that influences one to later become a project manager.
  3. How you rate yourself as a project manager
    I always find this interesting and realize that much more than 50% of the people will likely rate themselves in the top 50% of PMs! But we will see if that is correct when the survey results come in.
  4. One question about ordering PM tasks in order of importance
    I'm not sure what this was getting at. While I did not have a hard time prioritizing, I also realized that each of the tasks listed were critical to success, and so could not very easily be skipped.
  5. How you got to be a project manager
    It will be interesting to see the results of this one, as in my own observation, people often become PMs for reasons other than their stated desire to do so. Often, in my observation, PMs became PMs because of other skills, such as knowledge or technical skill, which made them stand out in the group or to clients and stakeholders.
  6. Where do you go from here?
    This survey, like many surveys and articles, seems to presume that people arrive at Project Management as an ultimate career goal and are not looking beyond it. The creator of the survey may not have meant this, but the way the questions are asked seem to imply this. I think that an interesting set of questions would relate to what ultimate career goals PMs have? Executive position, start or own a business, or some other role?

If you are interested in taking the survey, or in following the results when they are compiled, you can find it on LinkedIn ( in the "PMO Directors" group.