Project Management For Non-Project Managers

Professional Project Management is becoming more pervasive.  Like "Electrification", which refers to the era of proliferation of electricity, "projectization" is occurring throughout the workforce and organizations around the globe.  Much of the emphasis is on professional project management and certification.  However, top Project Managers realize that Project Management is a team sport, and everyone must get up to speed with "projectization".

The reality is that most people will not be professional project managers, but rather will be team members, support personnel, subject matter experts, department managers, C-level executives, and the like.  Professional Project Managers, Program Managers, and Project Portfolio Managers need to be cognizant of this and plan for "projectization" within their organizations.

It is very beneficial that all of the others - the non-project managers - have some stage of proficiency and knowing of project manager software. To the level that your company is projectized, it is essential that the individuals within the company are venture smart to at least some lowest level.

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