Learning Over Time Makes You Brilliant

The substantial majority of people want the "quick fix." They want to earn project management certification in the fastest way possible - just to enhance their resume, get a pay increase, or get into a new position.

Now there is nothing wrong with these objectives! Enhancing your resume is important! Getting a pay increase is important! And getting a new position is important!

The flaw is in looking at it as a quick fix.

What if you could make fine wine in a month? It would be great, right? But is it possible? You can make "wine", but most certainly it would not be a "fine wine!"

So it goes also with project management.

There are many aspects to project management, including learning the tools of the trade - the project management hard skills. This includes learning to use tools such as MS Project, how to build a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), how to create a project plan, how to measure progress using techniques such as earned value, how to build effective plans for purchasing, communication, change control, requirements, and more.

There are also many project management soft skills - skills like communication, leadership, management, and team building. Every one of these takes time to master. It cannot be done overnight.

What can help you move you forward, however, just like with a fine wine, is a lot of patience...and the steady and consistent application of what you are learning. Working daily on your skills, especially the soft skills, is a great way to ensure that your skills are on the rise. The days - and the skills - will begin to accumulate quicker than you think!

When it comes to your project management skills, patience and steady application will serve you well. Like a wine maker, you need to keep your long-term goals in mind, have a clear picture of your ultimate end state, apply purposeful effort daily, and have a lot of patience. The good news is that you can start to see progress right away...but it will all come together over time.