Manage Your Projects with MPMM V6

MPMM Professional contains a whole technique for handling projects. It steps you through every phase, activity and process needed to complete a venture from beginning to end. And it comes with all of the layouts and illustrations you need, to time savings.

Here's the TenStep guest blog post "Manage Your Projects with MPMM V6":

There are not many full project management methodologies available on the market. The Method123 Project Management Process (MPMM) is one of the best. MPMM includes an entire methodology for managing projects. It steps you through every phase, activity and task needed to complete a project from start to finish.

MPMM is a methodology because it contains more than just process descriptions. MPMM includes a full set of templates, completed examples, techniques, e-learning, and much more. It also comes with a full content management system which makes navigating the methodology very easy.

We are also excited to launch MPMM V6. This new version comes with complete integration with the PMBOK® Guide from PMI. Now you have the content of MPMM along with extended and related content from the PMBOK® Guide. It is a great combination.

Webinar by
Tom Mochal

During this webinar you will also get a quick tour of MPMM Program (for program management) and IT Lifecycle (for IT development projects).

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