Where’s Your Motivation?

Do you ever have moments - hours, days, weeks, or even longer - when you just have trouble getting the motivation you need? I know I do - and I think there are more people out there facing this challenge than you may think.
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People versus Product

Many of us have a technical background, with a more "right-brain" orientation. While this certainly is a strength, it needs to be managed, or it can also be a weakness!
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Tenets of Active Listening

[tag-tec]Active listening[/tag-tec] is a practice that promotes openness and two-way communications. It is necessary for success as a project manager, and is especially necessary for success in an agile environment. You can stimulate active listening by using triggers that you push you into a productive pattern.
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Mental Health and Project Management

[tag-tec]Soft skills[/tag-tec] like communication, management, team building and leadership are one thing. But there is a deeper level to these soft skills - more like [tag-dir]psychological soft skills[/tag-dir].

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Self-driving cars: Disruptive Technology!

The [tag-tec]self-driving car[/tag-tec] has come into focus for many if not most of us, yet, it is largely a vague idea in the future, far from mainstream. If you are wondering what that world might look like, here are some thoughts.

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The Business Analysis Hybrid

Business Analysis naturally cuts across three core sill areas closely related to project management: fundamentals of business analysis and its role on projects, business communication, and agile fundamentals. Continue reading