The Business Analysis Hybrid

Business Analysis naturally cuts across three core sill areas closely related to project management: fundamentals of business analysis and its role on projects, business communication, and agile fundamentals.

We have had specials involving these closely related areas, recognizing the interrelationship between business analysis, communication, and agile projects.  Now RMC Project is offering the first PMI Business Analysis certification exam prep with there skill areas combined into a program.

Here's how these areas related directly to the function of business analysis:

  1.     Business analysis fundaments - BA related very closely to project functions, as it involves extracting requirements from stakeholders and scoping the project.  And while it is a fundamental discipline unto itself, it also represents a core skill that is helpful to professionals in project management a various functional business areas, all the way up to the executive ranks.
  2.     Communication - Communication is at the heat of business analysis, as it is required in order to distinguish the true needs of stakeholders, and not to just record what they say they want.
  3.     Agile - Agile teams include a member that fills the interface between the stakeholders and technical team.  A constant stream of requirements cross this interface, with a filter applied by the person in this role.  Since business analysis is very application development-centric, and since agile is the core and still growing method of choice used broadly for development projects, it makes total sense that Agile is necessarily a part of business analysis certification training.