The Close Tie Between Strategy and Leadership

Leadership is the key component to succeeding in project management. But where does strategy fit? And does strategy relate in any way to leadership?

Leadership has many facets.

And one facet of leadership is having a vision - of where to go, and how to get there. Without that, there is no leadership!

But where to go, and how to get there - that's what strategy is all about! Studying the situation, thinking about the goals, working with your team to determine where to go...and working with your team to figure out how to get there... That's all the essence of leadership!

Strategy and Leadership

Now, in many cases, the goals are handed to you, and, as a project manager, it's your job to implement them. It's your job to make it happen.

Yes, it's true that the functions of strategy and project management can be separated. Not only is the project often on the implementation s side only, but often the strategy formulation function is separate from the implementation.

I would argue that it is impossible to cleanly and completely separate the two. Managing projects without understanding and adopting the strategy that is the purpose of the project is falling short of being a leader. Likewise, formulating strategy in the absence of thinking about, and taking some responsibility for, the implementation leaves out the leadership component of strategy.

Strategy is not leadership - but leadership needs strategy.

Strategy coupled with action and responsibility is all about leadership. Is the vision part of leadership or strategy? I think they are inseparable.

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