The effective way to build your IT project management skills

IT projects are fast moving, require constant attention, and are expected to deliver a high return in a short time. Because of these realities, training in IT project management needs to be results-oriented, and not so much an intellectual, theoretical effort.

IT Project Management Across Industries

IT projects are ubiquitous across industries. For example, our IT PM training has been used in virtually every major industry, from energy to health care, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to banking and service organizations, manufacturing companies to service organizations. See a small sample of the major companies worldwide that use this training.

IT project management challenges have a lot of similarity across industries.

Approaches to IT PM Training

IT project management training is provided by some trainers, but more often than not, generic PM training - that is, training that is not specifically targeted to IT - is provided. In addition, much training is in a classroom or is lead by an instructor online, requiring the student to schedule around it. In addition, this requires students to take the training in large chunks, such as anywhere from 1 day up to 5 days.

The online IT project management training that we provide is designed and built by a team of seasoned professionals that typically have Masters degrees and PhDs in education and related fields, as well as Subject Matter Experts in IT Project Management, and as a result, our training consistently:

  • Applies best practices
  • Emphasizes adult learning principles
  • Welcomes learner initiative
  • Assumes no hand holding is needed
  • Relates theories and principles to experiences
  • Targets instruction to improve performance
  • Facilitates mastery with optimal sequencing strategies

How to Get big Results from IT Project Management Training

There are some "best practices" in building your IT project management skills and getting the most out of training. Thousands of customers have benefited from our IT project management courses over time – not only to earn PDUs, but to improve IT project performance, become stronger leaders, and advance their careers.

But the key to leveraging IT project management training for greatest benefit lies in the following statement from one of our customers:

"I learned some ideas to apply right away - and have a reference to go to if needed thanks to what I have learned. I recommend strongly to take these IT Project Management online courses. I decided to take more courses online to reach my training goals: be more confident and not panic in front of an issue, but resolve calmly." -- Sylvana Abinakle, PMP

The key phrase is to "apply right away" what you are learning. That can be a lot of work...but I'll tell you more about how to do that most effectively.

Applying What You Learn For Maximum Benefit

Ultimately, when you implement the strategy of applied learning with IT Project Management training, you can expect to:

  • master selected topics that help you directly on the job
  • gain responsibility more quickly
  • master the intricacies of the job more quickly
  • become recognized by upper management as well as stakeholders
  • improve your chances for more esteemed roles, promotions, and increased compensation
  • satisfy PDU or other continuing education requirements

The Core Takeaway

Here's the core takeaway:

You’ll learn more - and quicker - when the learning is convenient, easy, budget-friendly, stimulating, and directly relevant to what you are doing right now.

Feeding your mind with bigger, broader, and better approaches fires up the mind to apply them directly on the job right away...

...and get high impact results.

You become more confident and respected, separate yourself from the pack, and satisfy any continuing educational requirements (like PDUs) you have.

Our training is easy and quick to buy, affordable, and hits on a wide range of challenges that IT project managers face.’s completely doable, even with a demanding schedule...since it can be done wherever you are, whenever you want, 24x7.

And you will be able to work on problems and skills on a daily basis – not over a couple of days of crammed classroom training. You'll be able to take a little training at a time...and apply it right away....and enjoy cumulative benefits over time.

So, besides convenience, there are other tangible benefits to taking the training around YOUR schedule.

This deserves repeating:

You’ll learn more and quicker when it is convenient, easy, budget-friendly, stimulating, and directly relevant to what you are doing right now...and when you apply it right away.

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