Where’s Your Motivation?

Do you ever have moments - hours, days, weeks, or even longer - when you just have trouble getting the motivation you need? I know I do - and I think there are more people out there facing this challenge than you may think.

I've had periods of my life where motivation was very easy...and others where I felt like I was trying to push a boulder up a hill. And then of course, this also can happen for as little as an hour or so or even a day or two. This whole topic can be very complex, and there's not a one-size-fits-all solution. But I found this article entitled "Lacking Motivation" by Dr. Ivan Misner that struck a cord.

I have found that if my lack of motivation hangs on for more than a day or two, there is something more "systematic" wrong. It indicates to me that there has been a shift in the environment or me in some way - and maybe both. At times like that, it tends to take a little more soul searching to see if a more substantial change - change of job, change of focus, or change of expectations - is needed.

To access Dr. Misner's article click here.