Why CIO’s Value PM Certfication?

CIO Magazine did some provocative research on the value of PM certification.

CIO.com reported that they interviewed a number of important sources, including:

  1. certified IT project managers - My guess is there would be a bias among them in favor of certification.
  2. non-certified IT project managers - My guess is there would be a bias against certification within this group, but often non-certified PMs have been around the industry and organization for a while and hence may not feel the need to earn it.
  3. a representative from the Project Management Institute - PMI has plenty of studies and position papers to support the value of certification, and it will have a natural bias in favor.

I noticed that no CIOs or executives were interviewed, although research from The Standish Group was cited,indicating that CIOs believe in the importance of project management certifications.

Interestingly, CIO.com summarized their findings, with somewhat different results for two constituency groups: employers and project managers.

It found that PM cert's matter a great deal to some employers, but not always for realistic reasons. No specific detail was outlined as to why, but often in larger organizations managers take the safe or less risky course of action. Hiring a PMP apparently is perceived to be the less risky course of action - and it probably is if all else is equal.

It also found that project managers generally benefit from certification. PM certification can provide greater access to jobs and higher salaries, which increasingly require certification. However, CIO.com reports that the certification doesn't necessarily make a person a better project manager. However, although often ignored, certification does teach something to students! It also provides a means by which an individual can take control of their career and do something to move ahead.

See "Why Project Management Certifications Matter" on CIO.com at CLICK HERE.

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